The Youngstown Flea | INCLEMENT WEATHER
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Inclement Weather


The music. The food. The activities. The thrill of the hunt. The history behind the find. The memories and the moments on full display for all ages to enjoy; The Youngstown Flea will be the best place to enjoy and support Youngstown’s growing downtown scene. Lawn games is a huge part of that. We love having some good ol fashioned family fun. Sometimes mother nature tries to get in the way of that. That’s why as a general practice, we communicate to vendors, shoppers and supporters that we are “RAIN OR SHINE” meaning, more often than not, the Market will proceed as planned, under careful and watchful consideration of the severity of weather reports, news/media outlet info, official city communications/ordinances/notifications etc.

Inclement weather, by many, is defined as any severe or harsh weather condition that makes it unsafe or impractical to travel, commute, or work outdoors. Unremarkable weather in one area, can be considered inclement weather in another. Please always know, that each patron, down to every participating vendor retains the right to decide for themselves, whether they want to join us and/or exit our market/property during any Flea, for any reason, including during any unfavorable weather conditions. Certainly this applies to any  case, where someone believes they are not safe. We recognize that inclement weather could pose a danger or harm to people, their product/brand etc. As a safety precaution to vendors/volunteers of our Market, please give an account for each participant, if you are contemplating not joining us, leaving early etc. We ask that you please alert us. An email can be sent to or message us on an of our social media platforms @youngstownflea.

We indicate “rain or shine” on our application and have reiterated it for years with our Market. We want you to know what that means. It means that we make every attempt, with each Flea, to review our local weather reports, active city guidelines/ordinances/announcements/notifications etc., in making our decision to host each Flea. In the case of possible inclement weather, the typical “strategy” would be to begin the Flea if possible, as best as we can, and then repeatedly assess local weather reports, announcements/notifications etc., against the actual elements presenting themselves during the event. We then decide where the event goes from there. A range of requests/responses to the present weather can occur. Such requests as, “please lower one leg of you tent, in an attempt to drain rain water from the top canopy”, may be given. A response to move all participants from outdoors, to indoors could be the request. When this occurs, we expect full cooperation from our vendors, Flea staff and volunteers, for the safety of all involved with the Market. 

We repeat: As a participant, please, always know that each vendor/volunteer/staff member etc., retains the right to decide whether they want to join us, and/or exit, during any Flea, at any time (and most certainly in the case where they believe inclement weather could pose a danger or harm to them, others, their product/brand etc). If you are contemplating not joining us, please alert us asap, with a speedy, intentional effort. We know that there’s no easy way to make these kinds of difficult decisions. 

Side-note / FYI: When we say “RAIN OR SHINE” (AND SNOW, AND COLD), we want you to know that we have, for ourselves as the Flea, a deeper meaning and demeanor, that goes beyond just words. It’s by any means, not there to put anyone in harms way. It’s representative of an ATTITUDE & COMMITMENT that we seek to safely try and carry. What we’ve witnessed over the years, by so many, has been an attitude of gratitude, and a commitment to community. That’s come from both participating vendors and the shoppers who support the Flea “rain or shine.” We see people stay, when seemingly preliminary reports might give a reason to leave. We notice this. And the community notices too. That’s why they #ShopTheFlea, even when it’s not “pretty” or perfect.

We just want to say ‘Thank You’ now, for that display of attitude and commitment to community and family. We pray everyone is and remains safe, and determined to present the best of the Youngstown Flea. Thank you!


We reiterate that full attempts to host each Market are made for each date, each month, each time utilizing the most current and available information from local weather reports, news/media sources as well as official city announcements/communications/notifications. Should a Market be cancelled, for any reason, including inclement weather, we utilized our website, our social media accounts, txt/sms service, emails etc., to communicate to vendors and the community about the status of each market. Please note that any delays in reports or technical issues with these services etc., can delay our communication.


Lots of folks ask questions like, “if it rains, will all of the vendors be indoors?” or “if it’s too hot”, or if it snows will we be…” and our answer is “it depends.” Let’s look back for a second. The Youngstown Flea began in 2016, in an empty, wide open parking lot, downtown Youngstown. We were fully outdoors from 2016 through 2020. We’ve not had a covering over our head for quite some time. And quite frankly, we love the outdoors. Some Markets are completely outdoors. Some are outdoors, in the cold (#FleaOnPhelps). Some are both indoor and outdoor (typically Spring, Summer and Fall). Some are all indoor (#HolidayFlea). We reserve the right to determine the Market makeup and setup. Each participating vendor, shopper and supporter certainly retains their right to join us (or not). We hope you understand that when we say “Youngstown invented grit”, that the weather won’t stop us from supporting our local makers and small businesses. Sorry mother nature. We Flea “RAIN OR SHINE.”


Tent Procedures – Inclement Weather:

  • In the event of inclement weather, vendors may be asked to lower tents to a safer height, lower tents completely, move or remove merchandise and/or move to a safer location. All tents are temporary structures and should never be used as a shelter in the event of high winds or storms. No tent is guaranteed to be 100% waterproof. Water pockets can develop in tent tops and may need to be relieved to prevent a tent from buckling. Please keep in mind fellow vendors and their merchandise when alleviating water pockets  or contact flea staff or volunteers if help is needed.
  • Vendor provided tent side walls, with prior consent, may be affixed/attached to the Flea tent, provided that it requires no “manipulation” of Flea tent to do so. Our tents do NOT have Velcro attachments or zippers for your sides. Alternate, non-invasive attachment option(s) may be needed. For more on our tent policy visit: