The Youngstown Flea | APPLY
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Welcome to the Youngstown Flea! We’re so glad you’re here. We are a well curated “Market For Makers” hosted once per month in the heart of Downtown Youngstown, Oh at: 365 E. Boardman Street, Youngstown, 44503. The market is dedicated to local & regional vendors of the arts/artists/artisans, antique and repurposed furniture, vintage clothing, and collectibles, jewelry, candles, reclaimed metals/wood, apparel, food/drink, farmers & produce etc. We hand select vendors, to ensure each of them have a true passion for making this a more vibrant community ecosystem and #FleaFamily experience. Apply now to join us.


ONE (1): Apply Below. TWO (2): Wait For Our “Decision” Email. (Check Your Spam/Junk). THREE (3): IF APPROVED, Immediately Pay Invoice.

    *THIS IS AN APPLICATION, NOT A GUARANTEE OF PARTICIPATION. Please choose ALL 'Regular Season' Dates you are interested in:

    Saturday, Feb. 10, 2024 / 'MadeWithLove' Market (indoor)
    Saturday, Feb. 10, 2024 / 'Sweets+Treats' Flea (indoor)
    Saturday, Mar. 9, 2024 / March Flea (indoor)
    Saturday, Mar. 9, 2024 / 'Sweets+Treats' Flea (indoor)
    Saturday, Apr. 13, 2024 / April Flea (indoor/outdoor)
    Saturday, May 11, 2024 / May Flea (indoor/outdoor)
    Saturday, Jun. 8, 2024 / June Flea (indoor/outdoor)
    Saturday, Jul. 13, 2024 / July Flea (indoor/outdoor)
    Saturday, Aug. 10, 2024 / Aug Flea (indoor/outdoor)
    Saturday, Sept. 7, 2024 / Sept Flea (indoor/outdoor)
    Saturday, Oct. 5, 2024 / Oct Flea (indoor/outdoor)
    Saturday, Nov. 2, 2024 / Nov Flea (indoor/outdoor)

    *Of the REGULAR SEASON dates selected above, how many do you ACTUALLY want to be considered for? (Ex. "I checked 3 dates, I only want 1 of the 3."):

    $80 USD - Of my REGULAR SEASON DATE selections, I want to vend for ONE DATE
    $160 USD - Of my REGULAR SEASON DATE selections, I want to vend for TWO DATES
    $240 USD - Of my REGULAR SEASON DATE selections, I want to vend for THREE DATES
    $400 USD - Of my REGULAR SEASON DATE selections, I want to vend for FIVE DATES
    $560 USD - Of my REGULAR SEASON DATE selections, I want to vend for SEVEN DATES
    $800 USD - I want to vend for ALL TEN DATES (the full regular season)
    Other - I want to vend, for an amount of dates, not listed (check all dates above)

    *Choose Your #SeasonNine '#CommunityCollab' DATES (3 Separate Events: #FleaAtFellows / #FleaAtFrenzy) / #FleaBowl:
    Saturday, April 27, 2024 / #FleaAtFrezny (outdoor pop-up w/ YSU Federal Frenzy Event) / $50
    Sunday, May 12, 2024 / #FleaAtFellows (outdoor pop-up, for Mother's Day, at Mill Creek Flower Gardens) / $90
    Sunday, May 12, 2024 / Sweets+Treats Vendors for #FleaAtFellows (outdoor pop-up, for Mother's Day) / $90
    Saturday, July 20, 2024 / #FleaBowl (indoor pop-up at WestSide Bowl) / $35

    *Choose Your #SeasonNine 'HOLIDAY MARKET' DATES (2 Separate Events: #FleaOnPhelps / #HolidayFlea):
    #FleaOnPhelps (Outdoor Market, on Phelps Street, downtown)
    Friday, Dec. 6, 2024 / #FleaOnPhelps / $100

    #HolidayFlea (Indoor Market, at our own Bldg.)
    Only Saturday, Dec. 7, 2024 of #HolidayFlea / $100
    Only Sunday, Dec. 8, 2024 of #HolidayFlea / $100
    Both Dates / Sat. & Sun. of #HolidayFlea 2024 / $190 ($10 discount)

    CHOOSE AN INVOICE OPTION: (some financing approval required, terms may vary, fees may apply based on invoice amount):
    Payment Option #1 - I Will Pay In Full. May Qualify for an 'Early Pay' Discount on invoice, if approved for 7 or 10 'Regular Season' Dates only.
    Payment Option #2 - Split My Invoice. Pay For ALL Approved 'Regular' Dates NOW, AND Pay For ALL 'Holiday' Dates NOW via the PayPal Pay Later Installment Plan.
    Payment Option #3: Finance My Invoice. Pay Now, For ALL Approved Dates In Installments (requires $500+ invoice, approval via PayPal Pay Later Installment Plan).

    *Choose your vendor setup (Vendors are notified each month prior to Market):
    I prefer to vend outdoors. Max. 10ftX10ft space, using a 'Flea-Provided' White Tent (Exception: Food Trucks/Trailers Etc.)
    I prefer to vend indoors. Max. 8ftX8ft space. If selected, an addtn'l $10 fee, per approved date, will apply. No indoor requests are guaranteed. Space is limited.
    I have no preference. I will vend indoors and/or outdoors (vendors are notified each month, prior to each Market)

    Tell us about your brand, products or business.

    Vendor Acknowledges that they are not guaranteed a spot, simply based on submitting an application.
    As a business owner, I PROMISE to check my spam/junk folder for emails and opportunity.
    Vendor Acknowledges that they are submitting to participate in an event that is RAIN OR SHINE. REFUNDS ARE NOT GIVEN (unless we, the Flea, cancels the Market).
    Vendor Acknowledges & Agrees that if approved to participate, NO space is held without confirmed invoice payment.
    Vendor Acknowledges & must be sole curator, maker, producer, of own local product intended for sale.
    BY SUBMITTING, VENDOR ACKNOWLEDGES & AGREES TO THE FOLLOWING: You, the applicant vendor have read, understand and agree with our market participation guidelines found on the Flea FAQ's page ( Vendor agrees to abide by all CDC, State of Ohio and Local City of Youngstown Health guidelines. Please note that not all vendors who apply will be accepted. Vendor must be sole curator, maker, producer, of own local product intended for sale. Vendor must obtain, at its own expense, any licenses, permits and/or insurances required for the operation of its trade or business. Vendor accepts all risks associated with participation in the market (use of space, weather, sales, etc). Vendor agrees to collect and pay all required taxes and sales taxes. VENDOR MUST PROVIDE ITEMS REQUIRED FOR SETUP (ex. table, chairs, rug, product etc). YOUNGSTOWN FLEA EVENTS ARE HELD RAIN OR SHINE, NO REFUNDS. IF ACCEPTED, you will be notified by email. Payment will be due immediately upon acceptance to the market. Late payment fees apply. Space is not secured or held without payment.