The Youngstown Flea | FLEA FAQ’S
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Below is information on who we are, what the Flea community is about, and how event supports Youngstown’s small business culture. Be sure to stay tuned to our website, blog, and social media for updates.


The Youngstown Flea is an, exciting, well curated “Market For Makers” hosted once per month in the heart of Downtown Youngstown, Oh. We reside at 110 Freeman Alley (downtown, next to the Covelli Centre). The market is dedicated to local & regional vendors of the arts/artists, antique and repurposed furniture, vintage clothing, and collectibles, jewelry, candles, reclaimed metals/wood, apparel, food/drink, farmers & produce etc. We hand select the best vendors in town to ensure each of them have a true passion for making a vibrant community of professionals/peers and investing in the economic growth of the Youngstown community.


Our address is 110 Freeman Alley, Downtown Youngstown, OH 44503. We are located (literally) right next door to the Covelli Convention Centre.


2019 MARKET DATES: April 20, May 11, June 15, July 13, August 17, September 7, October 5


We set out with a mission to build a platform for small businesses to thrive in an ecosystem of creativity and innovation. We strive daily to think of one more way to introduce a makers community to a local community. We’re not just another event. We are an EXPERIENCE. We are not a FLEA MARKET. We are a FLEA. And you don’t just stop by the Flea. You Flea! You EAT. SHOP. REPEAT. You come for the Yoga and leave with your hands full of #FleaFinds. It’s about the music and the movement. Food trucks by the fleet and a pet-friendly environment that welcomes those with two legs and four. We Flea because we know it’s what literally gives legs and legitimacy to dreams. It’s a flea for all. Come Flea!


The Youngstown Flea typically offers space beginning at $55 per event, and can fluctuate depending on a few variables, including but not limited to: booth size, number of events interested in, and possible add-on services (product & brand photography, business services, social media priority, national exposure, permitting assistance, etc). Vendors are expected to supply their own tent, tables, and chairs. Our amazing Flea staff will provide thorough instructions for setup, including an assigned booth space, setup time, and protocol.


How do you measure success? Is it found in the value of your 10’x10’ space. Is it simple math like how much you spend vs. how much you make? We would disagree. By those measurements alone you’d be missing out on a vibrant community of your peers and investing in the economic growth of Youngstown. Our event is put on by a small group of talented and passionate people that work around the clock to organize and promote the event, manage your needs, answer your questions, provide on site amenities and ensure that every month is a unique experience that keeps shoppers engaged and continues to draw communities together. Still wondering what’s in it for you? Stop down and see!


We welcome you to fill out one of our 2019 applications. As you apply, lets review what makes for an amazing Flea application. Here’s some of what we look for.

Accurate info. We’re amazed by the number of applications we receive compared to the space we have. For that we are thankful. But that makes each application that much more vital in terms of being accurate and informative. Incomplete applications, dead end links, and/or typos in your email address/website can delay your application by days, even weeks, until it’s resolved. Please review your application before submitting it.
A vibrant brand. We already believe in your dreams and in your vision to build a strong brand. It must be built around an amazing product for others to be drawn to enjoy it. Ensure you’re brand is just that – a brand that others can patron without reservation.
A league of your own. Some vendor categories are extremely competitive; (i.e. jewelry, art, etc.). We are committed to delivering amazing experiences. We have a specific curated look that we’re after. There are those who fit within our scope and those who do not. Please don’t hesitate to apply but know that all who apply may not be approved.
Quality pics. A picture is word a thousand words (and could impact your application). We know you’re amazing, so make sure we can tell that from the visuals we see of your brand. It goes a long way.
Infectious attitude. We hear it all of the time. “People in Youngstown are so nice. People are our lifeblood. We need vendors that appreciate people. Period. That’s how you build a brand. One smile at a time!



We will accept roughly 75 businesses for The Youngstown Flea. It is a RAIN OR SHINE experience.

Our vendor applications are open NOW! Please refrain from emailing us about the status of an application. You should receive a follow-up confirmation email after successfully submitting your application and a status update within two weeks.

Booth sharing is permitted on a case-by-case basis. However, each business sharing a space is subject to the full booth fee, and must apply separately for review. Vendors are not allowed to bring in outside vendors who have not been approved by The Youngstown Flea. Should you want to share a booth with another vendor, your request must alert us two weeks prior to the event in question.

Interested but not sure you’re ready to bring your product to market? Or maybe you’re looking to take your business to the next level. That’s cool because we want to help you get to the Flea! Email us at