The Youngstown Flea | #FLEAONPHELPS
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A Path to Our Present!


Hey #FleaFamily. We are super pumped to present #FleaOnPhelps, a special edition, outdoor night Market, happening on Fri., Dec. 1st, from 4P-8P, right on the city’s newest pedestrian path along Phelps Street, downtown Youngstown. It’s paired with the city’s amazing, annual Tree lighting. We’ve got some specific details to share about it, so please click the plus (+) sign and read the FAQ’s below in their entirety.



Great question! The name says it all – on Phelps Street. On Fri., Dec. 1st, from 4P-8P, we are doing a unique “pop-up” special edition of The Flea, right on the city’s newest pedestrian pathway – Phelps Street, downtown Youngstown. Please note: Seperate from the #FleaOnPhelps pop-up, we are utilizing our own, Bldg. space, located at 365 E. Boardman Street, 44503, to host Holiday Flea on Dec. 2nd + 3rd. For more info on Holiday Flea, visit


Space is limited. It could be VERY cold (yes, even with our outdoor heating attempts). COVID-19 is still lingering and we take the health of our community very seriously. Everyone’s safety is of our utmost concern. So at any moment We, The Flea, the CDC, Ohio State, and/or local health guidelines could change/alter, postpone or cancel Holiday Flea. Any applicable refunds would be given. Please make sure you understand this fully, as you weigh and consider applying to our Markets. We do NOT want anyone to experience a lost opportunities at another Market because of this. 

Additional challenges such as parking, limited space etc. (vendor participation can/will most likely will be limited to approx. 25-35). Please make sure you understand this fully as you weight and consider applying to our Market. We do NOT want anyone to experience a lost opportunities at another Market because of this. 


#FleaOnPhelps participation guidelines: Begin by carefully understanding that you can ONLY bring one (1) 8ft. table, two chairs (or the equivalent display/setup items that fit within that equal amount of allocated space). A 10×10 tent, with a patio lamp and string lights will be provided. Understand that there is no wifi, no access to electric. Please bring your Holiday A-game (plus some cool holiday decorations – we’re going to need them). Applicable COVID rules will be enforced ( masks, social distancing, hand-sanitizer, disinfecting spaces etc.) #FleaOnPhelps DATES: Fri., Dec. 1st, 4P-8P. LOCATION: Phelps Street, Youngstown, 44503.


Side Note: We are exploring a “Special Edition” of the Market called #FleaOnPhelps (Phelps Street is downtown Youngstown, and a new pedestrian only path around the bars/restaurants). It is in prelim. discussions, but details so far are: approx 75 vendors, outdoors, 4P-8P, on Dec. 1st, 2023. If interested, check the box on the application and we’ll share more details.



Great question! First apply. We have opened up the internal application, found below, for you to apply. Second. You MUST acknowledge, via email, that you’ve read the above Flea FAQ’S. Send us an email to, confirming that you’ve read and understand the FAQS, for your application to be a valid submission. We’ll email back that we’ve got your application and the FAQ confirmation. Consider carefully before submitting your application. Be aware of the stated concerns/challenges. We do NOT want any misunderstandings. 


We will make regular announcements via email/txt msg, to let you know where things stand with the Market and with your participation status. FYI: We are not making #FleaOnPhelps public to the community just yet. We are doing some behind the scenes work to ensure it’s all a go. Please do not post. 


Please do NOT miss another market opportunity if this timeline doesn’t work for you. Please know that not all who apply will be accepted. Please do NOT emailing us to say you want in, that does NOT hold a spot. You MUST apply. 


Let us all pray that everything works in our favor and that we can humbly provide this community with an amazing experience as they safely #ShopTheFlea. This Flea On Phelps will be like no other. It is exciting, but it is complicated. There will be no city parade. No tree lighting (happening during this date/timeframe). No assurances, only what we can control. That comes down to how we respond, in and to, this moment. We can make this amazing! We can smile through it all. We can come together as #FleaFamily, rally around our community of Makers, shoppers and supporters and do what we can, with what we have. To whom much is given, much is required. Tis’ the season. Let’s go!!!!


    *Choose Your Participation Option(s).

    $85 USD - Vend One Date

    *Choose ALL dates you are available and interested in.

    Friday, December 1, 2023 (4P-8P)

    Briefly tell us about your business/brand, it's specific products & prices.

    Please ensure you have read, understand and agree with our market participation guidelines found on the Flea FAQ's page ( Vendor agrees to abide by all CDC, State of Ohio and Local City of Youngstown Health guidelines. Please note that not all vendors who apply will be accepted. Vendor must be sole curator, maker, producer, of own local product intended for sale. Vendor must obtain, at its own expense, any licenses, permits and/or insurances required for the operation of its trade or business. Vendor accepts all risks associated with participation in the market (use of space, weather, sales, etc). Vendor agrees to collect and pay all required taxes and sales taxes. VENDOR MUST PROVIDE ITEMS REQUIRED FOR SETUP (tent, table, chairs). YOUNGSTOWN FLEA EVENTS ARE HELD RAIN OR SHINE, NO REFUNDS. IF ACCEPTED, you will be notified by email. Payment will be due immediately upon acceptance to the market. Late payment fees apply. Space is not secured or held without payment.