The Youngstown Flea | VENDOR SETUP DETAILS
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Our Flea consists of Markets that are ALL indoor, some are ALL outdoors and some are a hybrid of both indoor/outdoor setups. This format can vary from event to event. As an approved vendor, you will be notified TWO WEEKS PRIOR & again ONE WEEK PRIOR to your participation date, as to which type of setup your space will be. We are a RAIN OR SHINE Market.   


For the 2023 Season, each vendor MUST be prepared for either of the above setup types, as each month can differ (yes, you will know in advance). We have limited indoor capacity and need the flexibility to arrive at the most conducive Market layout for all participating vendors, for each individual Flea we host.


One month you may be indoors, the next you may be outdoors. We do not guarantee your placement will always be the same (unless an additional fee has been charged to you and paid for a specific requested placement).


The Youngstown Flea is both, an indoor and outdoor Market. Each event may vary. Some of  our Markets are a blend of indoor/outdoor. We need you ready and willing, regardless of which one. You ready? 



Approved indoor vendors have a space that is the equivalent of one (1) 8ft. table, and two chairs. You must provide your own table and chairs.

Approved outdoor vendors have an allotted 10×10 space and will be placed in a Flea-provided white tent with Velcro leg weights. It is recommended that you bring the appropriate amount of products/setup (your display must fit within our tent). We will secure tent with our own leg weights, to avoid it moving. You must provide your own, table and chairs. See and sign our required tent policy here:


In either space type, please do NOT overestimate the allotted room you have and bring too much stuff.


We’ve got a new home in downtown Youngstown. Our address is 365 E. Boardman Street, Youngstown, 44503. Vendor parking can be found on either side of OUR building, inside the gated fence area.

We make our best attempts to keep our grounds free of foreign objects but our Bldg is a former industrial site. Sharp, hidden, metallic, rock like materials can damage your vehicle. Park at your own risk. Be aware of where you drive/park. Approved vendors are provided with one (1) vehicle spot. All other family/friends/volunteers who assist you with load-in/out must find other parking throughout the city.


Do NOT park in the lot across from the building or instruct others with you to do so. That space is reserved for the shoppers and community supporters of the Flea. Anyone observed parking in the lot across the street, and not at our building, can result in having your future Flea participation impacted. Please do NOT make this an issue. The goal of the Flea is for people to come support us and shop local. We move mountains so that you can load-in and load-out, at the building. Parking on the side of OUR building should not be a challenge. We thank you for your cooperation.


LOAD-IN: We will stagger load-in, with indoor vendors arriving first, pulling up to the large overhead door and unload quickly. Outdoor vendors will be given a separate load-in timeframe. See below. Again, these details will be in an email sent  ONE WEEK PRIOR to your participation date. 


Indoor Vendor Load-in: As an indoor vendor, we need you to load-in to the building FIRST, to clear the main parking lot, ASAP, so that outdoor vendors can be placed. You have a “convenient” load-in window of 6A-655A. If you arrive after 655A, you will NOT be allowed to pull your vehicle into the parking lot. You then must transport all of your setup items from the side gated vendor parking lot, to the inside of the building. 


Outdoor Vendor Load-in: As an outdoor vendor, we need you to load-in to the parking lot slightly AFTER we’ve loaded vendors into the building. Building vendors are being instructed to clear the parking lot, ASAP, so that YOU, our wonderful outdoor vendors can be placed in the lot. You have a “convenient” load-in window of 7A-755AIf you arrive after 755A, you will NOT be allowed to pull your vehicle into the parking lot. You then must transport all of your setup items from the side gated vendor parking lot, to the main front parking lot of the building. 


You MUST arrive to load-in between your designated indoor or outdoor load-in timeframeThose arriving late can be denied setup. Please be patient. Space is assigned as you arrive. The Flea opens publicly & promptly at 9A. Please attempt to be ready by 8A for “early-bird” shoppers. Please empty your vehicle completely before attempting to setup your display. This will ensure everyone can load-in as quickly as possible. 


LOAD-OUT: We “Flea” UNTIL 3P. Please DO NOT attempt to exit the Flea without alerting someone from the Flea (even if you’re sold out). Please break down your spot completely before pulling your vehicle up to load-out. 


SAFETY: Due to the current local, state, CDC and health department guidelines there are protocols in place for applicants and shoppers of the market. Please ensure you’ve read them on our site at


Currently there will be a portable toilet on-site (with a sanitizer pumps in it). Any issues / alert us. If you need to leave your booth to use the restroom, to take a break or to get food/drink, we’re happy to watch your space (with your clear consent/permission). Text with your info and let us know 3305655483


We are NOT currently providing any access to electricity or wifi. Please come fully prepared. 


PROMOTION: Please go ‘INVITE’ friends to the event via our Facebook Event: We can’t stress enough how important it is for everyone to promote the event, it’s safety precautions and all pertinent info. 

FUN: Music suggestions can be made, prior to the Flea, to add to our playlist. We simply download them and add to our iTunes. Let us know of any uptempo, chart topping, family-friendly and fun artists, songs etc., you’d like to hear. We’re pet-friendly. We’ve got #FreeYogaAtTheFlea from 9-945A this month. Tell your audience about these things please.



1. Face Masks are NOT required for ALL vendors (staff, kids etc) AND shoppers but can still be worn, should you choose

2. Hand Sanitizer (for yourself, and customers if you so choose) 

3. Social Distancing (vendor space and need your help with shoppers).

4. Disinfecting (frequent, high use, high engagement items and areas).

5. Self assessment. If you or anyone doesn’t feel well, don’t Flea.

Visit for more info on recommended safety standards for each. 



A. Bring your “A” Game. Attitude. Ambitions. Appearance (rep your products/brand/yourself well).

B. We have guidelines from the Health Dept. on masks, disinfectant, hand sanitizer etc. Please refer those things to the CDC / Health Dept. or visit for more info.

C. For info to share with your audience please visit


You should know that as an approved vendor you agree to the terms found herein. Our  Flea is at-will participation. Both you and we, retain the right to set up or refuse setup. Note that the Youngstown Flea is not responsible for any damage or theft of personal belongings or merchandise, or loss of any product due to external factors. Please be careful and responsible for your area.

INSURANCE: We require that vendors carry their own, sufficient, liability insurance should any accidents, harm or damage be caused by a vendor or their product, goods or services. That is and will be the responsibility of each respective vendor. The Youngstown Flea is not responsible for any personal/property loss, theft, damage and/or injury during our events.

VENDOR FEE REFUNDS: Once your application is approved/accepted and fees are paid, refunds for vendors fees will NOT be given under any circumstance. The Youngstown Flea has the right to deny your participation in any or all of the events at any time. Should there be reason to revoke your acceptance prior to the day of the event, a full refund will be given, unless any of the stated guidelines, participation requirements have not been followed (i.e. late, parking issue, unprofessional and/or uncooperative behavior etc.).

CANCELLATION OF BOOTH SPOT: Both The Youngstown Flea and you the vendor, reserve the right to cancel or in our case, dismiss any vendor from any event. We do ask for at least 48 hour notice if you are unable to attend. Cancellations, no call/no show, late and poor attendance can be future impacting to your ability to participate.

MEDIA RELEASE/CONSENT: As an approved vendor, you do, hereby release all rights or claims in connection with the photo(s)/videotape in which you appear, for use by The Youngstown Flea and all sponsors. You understand that the photo(s)/videotape, if used, will be for the promotional purpose of assisting future Youngstown Flea events. You waive any right to inspect or approve the finished photos and/or advertising copy. All photographs, negatives and videotapes shall constitute the sole property of The Youngstown Flea. You declare that you are of legal age and authorized on behalf of the entity applying for consideration in the Youngstown Flea, to contractually enter into the agreement herein contained.