The Youngstown Flea | YNG FLEA: TENT POLICY
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Yng. Flea: Tent Usage Policy


Great customer awareness begins with brand awareness. As The Youngstown Flea taps into the power of brand awareness, our next phase of growth and expansion will be implementing the use of Flea owned and provided, 10×10 White tents, for outdoor vendor use. Uniform tents will improve the Flea’s curb appeal, decrease load-in & load-out times for vendors and Flea staff, which will allow us to focus our attention on other issues that may arise during load-in / load-out.


Hip, hip, hooray! Yes. The Flea has been providing vendor tents, since the 2022 Flea season, and we are happy to responsibility do so. Tents, now be provided by The Youngstown Flea will assembled by US, prior to vendor load-in and disassembled, by US, following vendor load-out. Upon arrival, you will receive your booth placement to assist you in quickly locating your designated tent.


*Please note that vendors will still be required to bring their own tent in the event that a back-up or additional tent is needed. You will be notified upon arrival if your tent will be needed. 


Tent Specifics: 

  • Each tent is 10×10 ft. Each tent comes with a white tent topper and a light gray frame. Tent weights consisting of velcro strapped bags will be provided by the flea. Assigned vendor numbers will be given to each vendor upon arrival and corresponding numbers can be found in the upper right hand corner of each tent. 
  • *Please do not attempt to move or reposition tents, if a vendor needs a tent to be relocated or adjusted, alert Flea staff or volunteers. 


Decorating and Displaying Items: 

  • Signage, decor and display items can be hung and/or adhered to the tent frame with removable tape, straps, velcro, bungee cords or zip ties (no glue adhesives, extra strength tape velcro or hooks should be used). Hanging materials that could puncture, tear or otherwise damage the tent frame or top are prohibited. 
  • Vendor provided tent side walls, with prior consent, may be affixed/attached to the Flea tent, provided that it requires no “manipulation” of Flea tent to do so. 


Normal Wear & Tear vs. Excessive Damage: 

  • It is agreed that damage to this provided property, due to storms, tornadoes, rain, fire caused by lightning, or other disturbances of nature will be covered in full by the Youngstown Flea, when notified immediately by vendors. 
  • Damage to tents by vandalism (deliberate destruction) or misuse (use for the wrong purpose or against Flea policy) by vendors will incur a $150.00 tent replacement fee. Tent replacement fees will be invoiced to the vendor. Vendor participation could be suspended if tent replacement fees are not paid by the invoice due date. 


Repair or Replacement: 

  • If the provided property becomes unsafe or defective for any reason, Vendor agrees to immediately discontinue their use and to notify Flea staff or volunteers. Flea staff will repair or replace necessary items with similar items in good working order if available, if notified immediately of the issue and if the defect is the result of normal use.


Tent Procedures – Inclement Weather

  • In the event of inclement weather, vendors may be asked to lower tents to a safer height, lower tents completely, move or remove merchandise and/or move to a safer location. All tents are temporary structures and should never be used as a shelter in the event of high winds or storms. No tent is guaranteed to be 100% waterproof. Water pockets can develop in tent tops and may need to be relieved to prevent a tent from buckling. Please keep in mind fellow vendors and their merchandise when alleviating water pockets  or contact flea staff or volunteers if help is needed.
  • Vendor provided tent side walls, with prior consent, may be affixed/attached to the Flea tent, provided that it requires no “manipulation” of Flea tent to do so. Our tents do NOT have Velcro attachments or zippers for sides. Alternative, non-invasive attachment options for your sides may be necessary.

The Youngstown Flea reserves the right to solely determine placement of its tents. We ask that each participating vendor respect this setup/placement and each vendor agrees to, in no way, attempt to alter, adjust or reposition tents without expressed prior consent from The Youngstown Flea.

  • *Please do not attempt to move or reposition tents, if a vendor needs a tent to be relocated or adjusted, alert Flea staff or volunteers.

    Please acknowledge that you have read and agree to abide by the Youngstown Flea tent use policy.

    Please ensure you have read, understand and agree with our market participation guidelines found on the Flea FAQ's page ( Vendor also agrees to abide by all market participation guidelines regarding tent usages, found on the Flea Tent Usage page ( All CDC, State of Ohio and Local City of Youngstown Health guidelines are applicable. Please note that not all vendors who apply will be accepted. Vendor must be sole curator, maker, producer, of own local product intended for sale. Vendor must obtain, at its own expense, any licenses, permits and/or insurances required for the operation of its trade or business. Vendor accepts all risks associated with participation in the market (use of space, weather, sales, etc). Vendor agrees to collect and pay all required taxes and sales taxes. VENDOR MUST PROVIDE ITEMS REQUIRED FOR SETUP (tent, table, chairs). YOUNGSTOWN FLEA EVENTS ARE HELD RAIN OR SHINE, NO REFUNDS. IF ACCEPTED, you will be notified by email. Payment will be due immediately upon acceptance to the market. Late payment fees apply. Space is not secured or held without payment.